USPC Veterans Day Wallpaper

Veterans Day 2022

Today, we honor all generations of patriots who have earned the title of “American Veteran”,  a badge of courage and honor that unites the finest group of former and current service members the world has ever known.  With their selfless sacrifice, our Armed Forces have forged and defended the very idea of America and the promise of freedom, democracy and justice, and hope.  We owe them an incredible debt that can never be fully repaid.

Veterans Day is personal to the United States Patriot Corps.  We feel the pride that comes with wearing the uniform of the United States and the pain of long deployments far from home.  We know what it is like to pray every day for the safe return of someone you love.  And we stand in awe of our veterans who carry the lasting wounds of war.  We pledge to continue remembering those that are Prisoners of War and those that are still Missing in Action. We will always remember the sacrifice of the families and loved ones of those who have served.  We firmly believe that our obligation as a Nation is to care for our service members and their loved ones when they return home.

In every generation, America’s veterans have been willing to give all for that which we hold sacred, freedom, justice, and democracy.  They have served selflessly, sacrificed greatly, and shouldered the burden of freedom quietly, asking no glory for themselves.  Today, let us honor them by living up to their example by putting service before self, caring for our neighbors, and working passionately to build a more perfect United States of America worthy of all those who protect our lives and liberty.

God Bless our Service Members and our Veterans.

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