United States Patriot Corps Recruiting


The United States Patriot Corps mission is rapidly expanding, and we are looking for you. If interested, please see the contact info below. A recruiter will respond to your request within 72 hours.

All information collected is for recruiting purposes only. Membership in the United States Patriot Corps (U.S. Patriot Corps) is open to U.S citizens and legal residents with or without prior military service, ages 16 to 75. No previous experience is required. Applicants must have a valid social security number and no felony convictions. For more details you can visit our Join page at: https://unitedstatespatriotcorps.org/index.php/join-the-united-states-patriot-corps/

The U.S. Patriot Corps Recruiting Team is looking for qualified candidates in the following fields:

Administration, Intelligence, Training, Logistics and Supply, Communications, Military Experience, Law Enforcement, Security, and Fire and Rescue. We accept prior Military, prior State Defense Forces, Civil Air Patrol, and Civilians based on experience and background.

If you think you might have what it takes, send us a message at recruiter@unitedstatespatriotcorps.org and a recruiter will get back to you within 72 hours to begin the process. Also, you can check us out on our Facebook page as well at: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedStatesPatriotCorps/

Or, you can contact us by phone at 1-803-262-1694 to speak to a recruiter.

United States Patriot Corps Recruitment Contact Info:

Email: recruiter@unitedstatespatriotcorps.org

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedStatesPatriotCorps/

Phone: 1-803-262-1694

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